You can do it - I can help!

Over 65% of my clients successfully achieve their objective after only one session!  Just one hour of Clinical Hypnotherapy helped them to make the changes they desired permanent.

Now it’s your turn – what are you waiting for?

Come to see me and I will use all my skills as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to listen to your issues and tailor a program that will help you to reach your personal goal quickly, safely and more easily than you would have thought possible.

It all begins with:

Your consultation

A 30 minute consultation is the first step in your Hypnotherapy program. The best results are gained by meeting in person but it could be carried out by phone or Skype if need be.

The consultation costs £25.00 which is redeemable against your first session.  There is no obligation on either part to continue. It may be that you don't feel ready for hypnotherapy yet or I may feel that I can't help you. It is vital that we both feel 100% committed to a successful outcome!

The treatment Room This appointment is essential as the information you give here will form the basis of your hypnotherapy program.

It is the time that you tell me what you want to accomplish and we discuss a strategy that will help you to succeed.

Should you have any doubts about Clinical Hypnotherapy or the treatment I recommend then please consult your GP.

Your consultations and therapy sessions are completely confidential between you and I (see Privacy Policy).

Each program I carry out is as individual as the person I am working with. As such it is difficult for me to make a definitive statement here as to whether one session will be sufficient, how long your session(s) will last, or over how many weeks it will take.

For example, most fears and phobia treatments require just one session. Smoking cessation also takes one session.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatments usually take 3 sessions. A hypno-slimming program, however, can last up to 5 sessions over as many weeks and a Hypno-birthing program can also last several sessions over many weeks.

As a guideline only - my client's usually come for 1-4 sessions, carried out at weekly intervals lasting approximately an hour each session. I will be able to give you a much clearer idea about your specific program after your free consultation.

Your Clinical Hypnotherapy session

For your comfort it’s best to attend clinic wearing loose, comfortable clothing.  You can chose to sit up in an armchair or lie back on a couch whichever makes you feel most at ease. When you are settled and ready the Hypnotherapy session will begin.

Treatment Room armchair

The experience of hypnosis is similar to daydreaming, or becoming engrossed in a good book or television program.  It is an altered state of awareness which everyone experiences naturally – like that lovely feeling just before going to sleep at night.  Generally you will be aware of what is going on around you and what is being said to you.  You will remember a lot of what has happened in your session.

If at any stage you feel you want to end the session you can do so by just opening your eyes.

When the session is over you will feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to move on.

After care

Should you have any questions about the session after you have left the Clinic  you can contact me at any time and I will be happy to help you in any way I can.