Privacy Policy

My principles

Hypnotherapy by Isobel is a therapy clinic owned and managed by Isobel Heeley [me].

The greatest gift you can give to me is your trust that I can help you.  To do that, I have to ask for and keep some confidential information about you.

For me to then use that information in any way other than to work with you or to keep in contact with you would be an abuse of that trust.

I will never abuse your trust!

However, because the information that you give to me must be held and used properly I have to advise you of my privacy policies. 

The basics

No matter what means* you make your first contact with me I will take, record and retain basic details [data] such as your name, address and your landline telephone numbers.
*This includes telephone calls, website forms, emails, coupons, mailings, advertisements plus similar promotional materials.

Personal history

To be able to provide a professional service I will need to discuss the circumstances that have led to you seek my help. This may also include medical treatments and other therapeutic assistance you have sought and/or received.

Professional standards require that I have to keep a record of all of the information you provide.  This information is classed as sensitive personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998 and is subject to special regulations.

In particular it may not be shown to or passed on to anyone or any organisation without your express permission.  In other words you have to give me your written permission to do so.

Of course there may be reasons why I may be compelled to do so by Act of Parliament or a court order. 

I will never rent, sell or pass on your personal data to another party.

Your data records and their security

At present my records are held in an organised, manual system.  The only person with access to them is me.

The manual records may be transferred to a computerised system at some future date.  This change in technology will not affect my Privacy Policy principles.

Each record is edited by me as treatments occur and/or as you provide additional information.

When I am not consulting these records they are locked away securely.

Use and retention of your data

I use the data in the first instance to review and improve the therapy treatments I provide, their results and their frequency.

From time to time I may also do so to establish what useful information there may be to help in the marketing of the clinic. This may include aggregated data about the therapies provided.  Such reports would always be anonymous.

Your data will be retained for as long as you are a client.  Retention beyond that time will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Access to your data

You only have to ask and I will show you your data.  If you require a copy it will be photocopied at cost.

If you advise that anything is incorrect I will amend it unless it is a professional opinion.  In such cases your comment(s) will be added to your record.

Your permissions

Formally the use of personal data to improve and develop my hypnotherapy services is termed being for ‘marketing purposes’.

You can withdraw your permission for me to use your data for marketing purposes at any any time.
To be able to provide a professional therapy service I will need to access your record at all times.You can also withdraw permission for me to use either or both of your email address and mobile phone number at any time.

To withdraw any of your permissions all you need to do is to contact me by email at


I eat them.  I don’t use them on this website as the crumbs gun up the innards.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

It may be necessary to make changes to this Privacy Policy at some future date.  Where this change is significant it will be communicated to each client affected.

Contact with Hypnotherapy by Isobel

To contact Hypnotherapy by Isobel concerning any matters arising from this Privacy Policy please either write or email Isobel Heeley at:

Isobel Heeley
Hypnotherapy by Isobel
Holme Valley Clinic
16 Church St


Date of this version

November 2014