Jane, 40yrs, Housewife and Mother, Holme Valley
Anxiety and Irrational Fears

". . . you are a bloody miracle worker!  My mood in general is so much better - less anxious, more on an even keel, more thankful for the life I have and more positive. . . . .  .   Last Friday was the acid test, before it was at a 10/10 scale and unbearable, this was more like a 4/10!

I think I would like to do more work with you - these are habits of a lifetime and whatever we're doing it's working to really change them"


Ellie, 27yrs, Professional, Huddersfield
Confidence/Low Self-Esteem

I am feeling the benefits thank you so much for your help.  The advice you gave me in the consultation was the first step and the "nudge" I needed.  The hypnosis treatment/session has really helped me, I do feel stronger and day by day I hope it continues.

Hannah, 15, Student, W.Yorks
Exam Stress

Hannah had been struggling badly with exam nerves starting hours before an exam.  She found the whole process horrifying, from waking in the morning, to going into the exam.  She had frozen completely in the past.  

After just one session with me I messaged her to find out how the first exam had gone.  Here's Hannah's reply:

Chloe, 15, School
OCD and anxiety

I visited Isobel a few times as I needed help with anxiety and particularly OCD.  Initially I was very nervous about my first session as I didn't know what to expect.  After meeting Isobel she made me feel completely at ease.  The sessions were always very relaxing and without doubt have helped me enormously.

I cannot recommend Isobel highly enough, she is kind, caring, compassionate and brilliant at what she does!

Carole, 62, Holmfirth
Weight Loss

Hypnoslimmer with Isobel has worked wonders for me.  No calorie counting, easy to follow and excellent results.  I lost a total of 53cm and 2 dress sizes over the course.  Reduction made easy!

Stop Smoking

Lauren, 22yrs, Huddersfield recently wrote this review to my Facebook Page

Di, 52, Honley

After 35 years, smoking 20 cigarettes per day and several failed attempts to stop Di said the following:-  "Well, day 7 over, £50 in the pot, and only a few moments  where I was tempted but never for long.  You were right Isobel, it was easy! THANK YOU!!!

William M – 45, Regional Manager - Manchester


Isobel is brilliant! 2 sessions with her has eased away all stress and anxiety that has made my life a misery for years! She is professional and explains everything well. The sessions are wonderful, relaxing and effective. I was once quite worried about going for Hypnotherapy Not anymore!! Thank you Isobel.

Andrew Wilkinson, 21yrs, Rock Musician, W.Yorks


Helen B – 52, Photographer – W. Yorkshire
Eye Problem

I want to say a huge thank you to Isobel for ridding me of a very difficult ( and embarrassing ) problem with my eyes. In the past I just couldn't let anyone test the pressures. Couldn't stop my eyes clamping shut or my lids flickering. Now there is almost no problem, and only after one personal session with her, and then listening to her CD. MAGIC !!

Garry P – 46, Huddersfield – Lighting Engineer
Nail biting

Hello I am Garry and I have had hypnotherapy to stop me from biting my nails, Isobel did this over 2 sessions to help me stop this habit. I have had a lifetime of doing this annoying habit and never thought something like this would work.

I found the experience really calming the second session was incredibly relaxing and was something I have never had before and would have no problem doing again if the need arose.

The therapy has worked and is still working, the treatment was not what I expected and has taken some time to work.

However I have had success in stopping this habit thank you Isobel for helping me to stop.

Colleen H – 56yrs, Company Secretary, Leeds
Fear of heights

After my hypnotherapy session, I went to Filey that weekend, we walk down Filey Brigg and it was just like our session, I kept breathing and not looked down and remembered the walking on the beach, the chair n towel etc and I did it. I am a lot calmer, I don't get stressed out and have taken everything un my stride and I am calm, can't believe how calm I am, thanks. All positive thinking, Xx thanks"

Leah W – 25, Agrigultrual Advisor  - Wales
IBS and confidence

I went to see Isobel with a long list of symptoms and issues, which have taken several years to take hold. With just two hypnotherapy sessions, I can honestly say “I feel like a new person" 

Marjorie M – Retired, Huddersfield

After 15 years of living with acute skin irritations on many areas of my body, most of which were only temporarily relieved by using steroid creams, I have been amazed at the change in my condition.

During the session of hypnotherapy I was surprisingly relaxed and left in a peaceful frame of mind but with little expectation of a successful outcome. However, within a week the areas on my back and shoulders had cleared and by the end of the month other areas gradually improved.

Whenever I feel that some patches are flaring up I hear Isobel’s soothing voice in my head and use the images of her guided fantasy. This seems to arrest any reoccurrence and I am delighted with this ability to self manage without the use of medication."

Robin W – Sole Trader – Honley
Broken relationship

I have experienced wonderful Hypnotherapy work from Isobel.  I was struggling to recover from a very volatile relationship.  It was the hardest thing I have done and I couldn’t have done it without Isobel and her caring work.  Three sessions helped me to heal, regain my self-esteem and stop the continual damaging thoughts.  She even stopped my nightmares!  Thank you so much 

Adrian, 28, Builder Wakefield

Hi! I went to Isobel as I had trouble prioritising and organising things.  I kept putting them off.  I felt I was letting down my family and customers.

Isobel really put me at ease about hypnotherapy and helped me understand everything that was going to happen

After a couple of sessions things just started to work properly and everything was finding a natural order – it was like someone had waved a magic wand.

Thank you for all your help.      

Matilda, 45, Huddersfield
Pain management

After having lots of pain in my shoulder and arm I met Isobel – fantastic – with her healing hypnotherapy she really worked for me.  The sessions were relaxing – after the first session my pain was reduced dramatically.  She also gave me some post hypnotic suggestions to use later.